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Welcome to Class - Bail Bonds 101

We have had this blog space available on our website since day 1, but I actually forgot it was here and have now decided to put it to some use. So, welcome to class boys and girls, paid attorneys, public defenders, judges, court administrators, law enforcement, pre-trial release officers, court clerks and anyone else who truly wants to know what bail bonding is about.

There are so many people out there in the criminal justice system who think they know all about bail bonds, and we have even offered to discuss this industry with them in person. Larry has a whole class plan on the subject he teaches at MSSU. As of yet, no one has admitted that they might need a better understanding of bail bonds, so maybe, just maybe, we can reach them through this blog weekly.

First off, let me start by saying that my experience is in southwest Missouri and southeast Kansas. While we have agents all over the state of Missouri, I am more heavily involved in southwest Missouri.

Secondly, when you tell someone you are a "bail bondsman", you are going to get one of two reactions: 1. "I have always wanted to be Dog the Bounty Hunter", or 2. 90% of the people will look down their nose and say in a sarcastic stone "Oh, you are?".

Let me explain a little further - we know Duane and Beth Chapman(from Dog the Bounty Hunter) personally, have tremendous respect for both of them. That being said, that is a reality show that doesn't show the entire spectrum of what this business is all about. As for the "oh, you are?" response - excuse me but you do NOT know me and I for one am tired of being grouped in with the bondsman who are driving the judges/courts crazy in our area. Would you lump all attorneys together just because a few of them are ridiculous, I don't think so. Not to toot my own horn but you probably don't know that AAA Way Bail Bonds gives back to the community -- just last year we donated to the Joplin Police Department (grow a beard or mustache month), MDA, the Joplin Eagles, Riverton Little League, Kappa-Sigma Endowment Fund, and a couple of events that were outside our area - Peterson's Outdoor (Take a Veteran Hunting) and replaced all the equipment that was stolen one week before the first practice for the Jay Oklahoma Girls Softball Team.

This life style is a relentless 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year obligation, unlike Walmart we are open Christmas Day. The private bail bondsman saves the local taxpayers hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars locally by assuming custody allowing release from local jails thus saving the cost of housing, food, guards, and allows defendants to keep their jobs, pay their bills, and put a roof over their kids' heads while their case is moving through the courts.

The private bail industry keeps the courts moving smoothly by insuring that defendants attend their court dates as ordered by the judge so that the victims of crime can get closure.

I want to leave you with one problem that we have been dealing with recently - If you are on bond, please remember that just because you attended the first court date we gave you does not mean you are off bond and can leave the state free and clear. It also doesn't mean that your attorney telling you "You don't have to show up at court" changes your obligation to the bonding company. Remember, finding people is our job and for the most part all bondsmen do that quite well.

Tune in next week for more education.

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