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Guidance with Jails and Courts

The execution of the bond happens in cooperation with the jail staff. A defendant must be released from the jail to our custody. On occasion, if a defendant is not in jail but does have an outstanding warrant, we present the defendant to the jail and immediately post the bond to have them released. It is very important for us to maintain a good working relationship with the jails to be able to provide the best service available to our clients.

Anytime a client is out on bond it is their primary responsibility to attend ALL scheduled court hearings promptly and be dressed appropriately in proper respect for the Court. Failure of a defendant to appear for a court hearing is a very serious violation of the bond agreement and the trust we put in them.

Our agents have worked extremely hard to earn the respect of the Jails, Judges, Clerks, Prosecutors, Defense Attorneys, and Bailiffs who trust in us to make sure our clients appear. What this means for you and you loved ones is AAA Way Bail Bond Agents can provide you the best service in and out of the courtroom.

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